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Introduction To Polyvore

An introduction to Polyvore, detailing information for beginners.

Polyvore is a social commerce website that allows anybody to be a  fashion designer or a trend setter.  Polyvore allows you the ability to create fashion sets / collages, using women’s and men’s clothing, home décor, or anything you like really.

Items are put together in what are called “Sets” and “Collections” and shared with others on the Polyvore platform, along with Social Media, like Pinterest and Facebook.

If you’re a business selling clothing or home décor, then it is worth considering joining Polyvore as one of your Social Media Marketing strategies.

Or if  you enjoy creating collages and would like to be a trend setter with fashion, then you will love Polyvore too.



Introduction to polyvore set example 1 Introduction to Polyvore Set 2
Set the table. Polyvore set introduction to polyvore set 4

Examples of sets created in Polyvore


Collections are a group of images, for example, blue items, or a group of sets.

polyvore collection example 1
Example of a Collection

Creating collections helps you find your favourite images fast, and you are able to share them.  Just drag, drop, and hit publish.

polyvore collections example 2
Collections Interface

Sourcing Images / Products

Images of products are found inside the Polyvore App, and could be taken from any webpage (with exceptions) on the internet.

It is as easy as downloading a “Clip To Polyvore” button and pinning it to your browser.

All images saved to Polyvore link back to the website where they originally came from, so if anybody is interested in the product, it can be found with one click.

Clip To Polyvore Clipper (Browser) Button

You can get the Clipper by visiting this page Polyvore Clipper

It is a simple process to import images.  Just click on the image you wish import, add tags, a price and you’re good to go


Tags can be added so other people can find the product in Polyvore’s database.


The price can be added if desired or left blank.

Quick Share With Friends

The “Quick share with friends” will post the image on other Social Media platforms that you have configured to share with.

introduction to polyvore screen shot

Polyvore invites it’s members to enter their contests.  There are official contests and group contests.  Anybody can enter the official contests, but you must belong to a group to enter the group contests.  Some contests are awarded with trophies for the winner, with some contests having real prizes.

The benefits of entering the contests are exposure of your sets, to gain more followers, plus more shares of your products, if you have any.  Another benefit is that it’s just plan fun.

polyvore contests
To join Polyvore visit the Polyvore Homepage, to sign up.