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Our Past

Photo Restoration

Living in modern times, with the latest technology, has given us an opportunity to save photographs of our past.

One of the first things I set out to do, after learning how to use computer graphic software, was to learn photo restoration.  I wanted to pass down to my grand children photographs of their great and great, great, great, grandparents.

I can not think of anything more special than giving a gift of the past, to the future.  So I sat there for many, many hours, labouring over these photographs, bringing them back to their former glory as I learned how to perfect this skill.

Photo Restoration Before After

My grandmother Jessie, on her wedding day.

Photo Restoration Magician

My grandfather loved to do magic tricks and he had the props to go with it.

Photograph Restoration

My mother and three friends at a birthday party.

If you are wanting to try to restore your family photographs and are not sure where to start, you can download a open source free computer graphic programme called GIMP.  GIMP was the first graphic programme I learned and it’s good enough to do photo restoration.  I use Photoshop now days, as it has many more features, that I use for my photography and graphic art.

You will need a scanned copy of the photograph and it needs to be the best quality scan possible, or you could take a picture of your picture with your digital camera. (Cell phone pictures won’t cut it)

Photograph Restoration In Colour

This one of my mother and daughter, was so badly corroded, I had to guess what the picture looked like and draw it back in.

If you would like a photograph restored but do not have the patience or time to learn how, contact me and I will see if I can save your picture.

What will it cost? You can shop around the internet and get a good price from places like Fiver and Upwork.  But companies specializing in this type of work charge around $60 NZ dollars an hour.

The coloured picture above took me a few hours.  So depending on the condition of your picture,  it might take anywhere from 15 minutes to a few hours.  I would need you to send me a digital copy of the picture and send you back a quote.

Horse And Carriage

Horse And Carriage
Horse And Carriage

We sure have come a long way since the days of horse and carriage transport.

Can you imagine what it would be like having to go and get your groceries in one of these?

Well, you probably wouldn’t go and get groceries, if you were back in these days, as you would have had to grow your own food. But maybe you wanted to go visit a relative who lived a few towns away. How long would it take to get there?

Today in our modern world, carriages are still being made and there are companies where you can hire a ride, for a wedding, ride around a park or other events.

How It’s Made

If you’re interested in how carriages are made, check out this video on YouTube by How It’s Made – Horse Drawn Carriages

Hiring A Horse And Carriage

Depending on the company, you can hire a horse and carriage for birthdays, balls, anniversaries, movie and TV work, weddings or proposals.  I took a quick look at the cost of this service in my country New Zealand, and found it is around $1,500 NZ plus GST for a wedding.  A parade starts at around $1,000 plus GST in a 5-6 seat.  

In the UK a wedding might cost you 599 pounds or a prom 399 pounds.

Sounds expensive but after all, this is a special event and one that would make any bride feel like a princess.

If you have any old stories passed down to you from your ancestors about the horse and carriage, share it below as we would love to hear it.