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Make Money Online With Zazzle

If you take a look at the adverts on this website, you will see they are designed products.   Products I have made on Zazzle and other online design websites.  You too, can make money online with Zazzle and I’m going to run you through the basics on how to do this.  This is not step by step instructions, but a general guide to help.

What you will need to get started is:

  • Computer powerful enough to run a graphics programme.
  • Graphics programme.  If you do not have Photoshop, you can download an open source programme like GIMP, that is free.  Learning to use these programmes is a lot of fun, but I won’t be covering this right now.
  • Email address
  • PayPal account – To receive your earnings.
  • Imagination and determination

Once you’ve figured out your graphics programme and made a few designs, you’re now ready to get started on Zazzle.

Open An Account On Zazzle

Consider Your Country

They might ask you to open an account in your country, but I chose not to do this.   I choose to use the USA based site, this is because the USA has a very large market compared to my little country New Zealand.  Secondly, with the currency exchange rate going up and down, sometimes the prices can look to expensive in my currency, so I prefer to have a price that looks reasonable and doesn’t change on a daily bases.

Now you’ve opened your account, you’re going to have to do a little bit of customising, to make it look attractive.

Think About Your Structure In Advance

When I first started making Zazzle products, I didn’t think you could really make money, so I just made a few things for myself,  and enjoyed it, so I made a few more.  But then I started getting  some sales,  but by this time, I had random products all over the place, and nothing was in categories.

Not making categories from the beginning, was a mistake.    I went on to make my second mistake, and that was to make new stores to put the products into.  I made a store for Throw Pillows, Mouse Pads, Mats, and all up I found myself having 10 different stores to categorise the products.

This was a mistake because each of these stores, has to be customised, and you have to work the stores by adding 10 media items, 10 collections and create banners for the store fronts, banners for the categories, banners for the collections.   It is much better to create one store and have different categories inside that one store, so you are not slaving over lots of different stores at first.

Once you have your main store working fully and nicely customized, then you could think about branching out into niches.


Zazzle  gives you what they call a Zrank.  A Zazzle rank for your store, that ranges from 0-10 .  As you complete more of their set tasks,  and get more sales, your Zrank will go up.

The tasks include:

  • Make 10 Collections
  • Upload 10 Media Items
  • Share 10 Store Products
  • Share 10 Collections

Once you’ve done all of this, your Zrank should go up to around 5.  To get it higher you need to make sure you’re store profile tasks are complete and you need to make sales.

Edit Your Profile

Now you’ve logged into Zazzle, click on the little person icon at the top, and choose “MyProfile”

Make Money With Zazzle Profile

Fill in your details and upload a Profile Banner Image.  A good size for your banner is 1260 px X 315 px.  It will look like it has been cut in half after you’ve uploaded it, but if you click on “View Public Profile”  it will be viewed in full.   You can also add a photograph of you, and your smiling chompers or your logo.

Zazzle Profile Images

Fill out the rest of the information and click submit.

After you’ve completed this part of your profile, if you go to your Home page, you will see, your profile is only 20% complete.  If you wish to quit now,  running  away screaming noooo, tooo much work, then I wouldn’t blame you.  There is a lot of work involved in using Zazzle and I think if I was a beginner, I would try other websites like Red Bubble, but for the very enthusiastic, Zazzle has a larger range of products to create.

Zazzle profile completion

Yes you’re going to have to do all of this in the picture above, but don’t despair yet, you can do it later.

Before Your First Zazzle Product

If you are wanting to make money online with Zazzle, then I’m guessing you understand a little about Marketing.    Having a plan on who your target audience is, and a plan for your products, in place before you start getting really excited about making, is the best bet.  You’re also going to have to think about how you’re going to promote it, because waiting for sales from Zazzle alone, might see you counting grey hairs.

Things to consider for your plan are:

  1. Who will my style appeal too?
  2. Where does my target audience hang out?
  3. What products do I want to create, to sell?
  4. What platforms do I want to promote my products on?

Image Sizes

How big should I make my image? you ask.  Good question and it depends on what you are making.  It is not a one size fits all deal.  If you’re making a shower curtain for example, you’re going to need a large image.  I usually make my images 10,000 X 10,000 pixels.  This sized image can be used on things like throw pillows and sneakers, plus a range of other things but you’ll need it bigger for a shower curtain.

The only way you’re going to know for sure is by experiment.  Zazzle will tell you if your picture is to small.  It is always wiser to make your pictures to big, rather than to small, as you can resize to smaller, but you can not resize to bigger.

Make Your First Zazzle Product

Once you have your plan in place, it is time to get started making, yay!

Go to “Create” in the top menu and pick your product, once you’ve landed on the product page, a box should come up asking you to upload your image.  Navigate to where your image is and upload.

For this demonstration I have created a butterfly image that I will make a pair of sneakers with.

Now you’ve uploaded your image you’ll be faced with all the options to customise it.

Zazzle Customize It

If your image doesn’t fit or fill the design area you can click “Arrange, Resize Image To Fill” , this will stretch your image larger.  If your image is not big enough, Zazzle will warn you.   With the sneakers above, I have had to place the image on three sides, left, right and tounge (centre)  and could have put it on the back centre too, but I’ve just added some colour there instead.

Once you are done, and you’re happy with it, click the ‘Post For Sale’ link just above  ‘Customize It’.

Post For Sale

You are now on the Post For Sale page, but the work is not over yet.  You have to give it a unique name.  Zazzle likes unique names for each product, even if you’re using the same image on a different product, so you’ll need to get creative with your naming.

Enter your title and your description and fill out the rest.

Tags for making money with zazzle

Zazzle will only allow you to use 10 tags.  It is better to use them all, as the more you have, the more likely you’ll get found.  You also need to consider your tags names and think outside the box for descriptions, for example, if you’ve created a green fluffy duck coffee mug, that you know your mother would love, you might also name a tag “mothers day gifts or mothers day gift ideas”.  You do not have to stick with descriptions like “fluffy”, “duck”, “fluffy duck”, “duck coffee mug”

Don’t forget to fill out the tags because without tags, nobody will find your product.

Congratulations!  You’ve added a product to the market place.

Scroll down and click “Go there now” to check out your new product.

MannziesSneakers  Make Money Online With Zazzle

Promoting Your Products

Making your product was the easy part, now comes the hard part. Promoting it! How are you going to promote it?

Social Media is a good place to start, unless you have a ton of money for advertising.

One last thing before you zoom off to make money on Zazzle – if you love my butterfly sneakers, here’s the link Mannzie’s Butterfly Sneakers on Zazzle  for you to pop over and give some hearts. 😀 

Learn Some More

Learn how to bulk create.  Creating your products in bulk could save you a lot of time.  Here’s is a link to Zazzle’s Learn How To Bulk Create.

Some tips from Zazzle Learn What Sells. If you keep up with what is trending then you can cater to the market.

If you’d like to learn more, watch this video by M Jacobs on YouTube “How To Make Extra Income On Zazzle Using The Best Sellers Section”

Make Money Online With Zazzle
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Make Money Online With Zazzle
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